CPRS Hamilton’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

CPRS Hamilton denounces racism and discrimination in all its forms and supports the widespread call to end racial inequality and build a more inclusive society.

Our profession is rooted in ethical behaviour. As professional communicators, we foster dialogue, discourse and debate. We encourage harmony in society by mediating conflict and building mutual understanding. We help our organizations and clients to adjust and adapt to changes in the environment by monitoring and responding to public opinion and cultural shifts so that they can continue to earn the public’s trust. Inside our organizations and with the clients that we represent, we encourage the use of open and honest communication, work to build a culture of listening and engagement, instill responsible behaviours, and define and maintain character and values.

Our profession calls upon us to use our voices and our communications platforms for good. In order to advance anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion in our profession, and in our work with our organizations, our clients, and society, CPRS Hamilton commits to the following five strategic, calls to action:

Leadership We are committed to diversifying the membership of our Board and Committees and empowering our organizations, our colleagues and our clients by sharing what we continue to learn with others and by modeling behaviour through our actions. We must be a good ally by speaking out against racism, hatred and discrimination in all forms, especially on occasions when those experiencing it cannot speak for themselves.

Self-reflection and learning: We must educate ourselves about systemic and institutionalized racism, and barriers to inclusion and equity. We must acknowledge inequality and unfair advantage and question how and why it exits. We must understand and abandon our personal biases and actively listen and learn without bias or judgement from those who have different experiences than our own.

Programming: We believe that representation matters. We must ensure that everything we do is reflective of the rich diversity of the populations we serve and that we communicate in clear and accessible ways. We must also create welcoming spaces for members and participants from underrepresented backgrounds to share their experiences and provide mentorship, support and equal opportunities for all members to participate fully in their profession and professional association.

Partnership and support: We will seek to partner with, and purchase from, businesses, vendors and other service providers that are either owned by people from underrepresented populations or who are committed to addressing economic hardship by giving back to our local community. We will add anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion to the core pillars of our future corporate social responsibility endeavours.

Accountability and shared responsibility: We call upon all members to embrace our shared responsibility to use our spheres of influence to cultivate an equitable, inclusive and just society. Everyone who participates in a CPRS Hamilton sanctioned event or activity is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds and integrates these actions to generate a culture of respect, engagement, dignity, full participation and belonging.

CPRS Hamilton recognizes that advancing anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion is a long-term effort that will require sustained effort and action. While there is much work to be done, we are committed to this path forward and we strive to lead by example.